Who needs Particular when you have Andrew Kramer?

As someone who uses After Effects on an almost a daily basis, it continually amazes me how much depth the program really does offer. Sure, it has limitations, but with just one compositing app, you can do loads of cool things.

Enter Andrew Kramer from stage right. Kramer is a veritable god in the world of film-making and digital effects. I’ve been a fan of his excellent resource (and product) site videocopilot.net for a ages now. And, today he blows my mind yet again. I’ve long been under the impression that in order to create truly awesome looking particle effects you needed to fork over the cash to buy Red Giant software’s Trapcode Particular. Well, Andrew shows that with a little bit of elbow grease you can make After Effects’ built in plugin—cc particle world—do some pretty nifty tricks. Check out what he managed to create at the following link.

Visit videocopilot for the full proejct files.

Damn…now I’m inspired….

Ivan Kander

Filmmaker and motion designer, Lucky 9 Studios