Finding Time: Behind the Scenes

My new short, Finding Time, is well under-way. Last weekend, a small crew and myself set out the make the greatest science-fiction romance fable of all time—and, well, things turned out pretty well.

After a grueling one and a half days, we managed to get some solid footage and shot about 80% of the ten minute short (we’re finishing up over the next couple of weeks).

This movie is being shot on my Panasonic HMC-150. For these two days, I rented a Letus 35 Elite with three nikon primes (24mm,35mm, and 50mm…if you’re curious). Footage looks really sharp and I can’t wait to start really putting it all together.

Below you’ll find a link to some behind the scenes pictures from our location shoot at a lecture hall at the university of Maryland. I’m going to post more stuff in the future (screengrabs, higher resolution photos, etc), but in the meantime enjoy these mostly out of focus pics.