Getting Animated

For a long while now I’ve wanted to make an animated short (perhaps because I grew up during the golden age of Disney Animation). Well, now that I’ve gotten my feet wet and started exploring the world of Cinema 4D, I’m attempting to make that dream a reality.

Although I figure it’s going to take me a long while, I decided to start conceptualizing a short animated project. Even if the whole thing goes bust, at the very least it will make me more adept at using Cinema to model proper looking environments.

Several months ago I wrote a script (it can be read here for all those interested). Then, I contacted Ben Schwartz, a talented friend of mine who helped with the musical score in both Finding Time and We Were None. Although we’re still very much in the planning states, Ben is going to help me with concept art, character design, and eventually, music.

All in all, it’s an exciting side piece to work on amidst all my many other assorted projects. The story itself focuses on the constraints of geometric shapes–an artistic choice very much made to coincide with my basic knowledge of 3D modeling.

I’m hoping to keep everyone updated as the project slowly moves along (it’s a marathon not a sprint). Below you can see my first render of the main character’s neighborhood in all its boxy goodness. Next it’s off to model his work cubicle and a few other choice locations. That is, if I can ever find the time. 🙂

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