Fun with the City Kit

Wow…well its certainly been a while since I last posted.   I guess that tends to happen when planning a wedding.  That being said, on the video production front, I’ve been hard at work on a few really exciting projects. My next short film is in full on pre-production mode with a goal to shoot in March of 2012.  I’ve secured the location and the lead actress and will be holding a larger casting call in the coming month. Even more exciting is that I will have access to a Sony F3 kit to shoot the film on. The 7D and 60D are great tools and all…but I’m really looking forward to using a “real” video camera with a gigantic sensor.  Throw in some Zeiss primes, and I’ll be a happy camper.

But, enough about that, I also have been fooling around with Nick Campbell’s City Kit for Cinema 4D. It’s a pretty awesome tool to generate fairly detailed city’s with ease. In fact, I used it to produce a quick bumper for a mutual friend’s production company. Check it below. And, I promise…more updates on my next short film in the months to come.

Ivan Kander

Filmmaker and motion designer, Lucky 9 Studios

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