14 Jan

The Video Production Skill Set: A Diagram

As technology gets better and better, it’s becoming more and more common for clients to buy into the “one-man-band” philosophy. You know, the idea that when it comes to getting a video done, a single person can do everything—from shooting to polished delivery. And, it’s not just clients—employers are starting to buy into this mindset. Can’t afford to hire both a designer and camera guy? Find the dude who can do them both!

Well, as a guy who epitomizes the “Jack-of-all-trades” mantra, I’m fully willing to admit that, sometimes, specialization into your craft yields better results. This isn’t to say that I think multi-specialization is not possible, but rather a desire for the average person to realize that not every aspect of “making a video” falls under the same occupation.


Video Production Skill Set Diagram

To illustrate this visually, I ripped off an idea from vlogger/designer Karen Kavett.  A few months back, she made a diagram to depicting the print and web design skill set, which easily shows the difference between illustrators and hardcore coders (and how certain skills overlap).  Well, I attempted to do the same thing for the video production world. Obviously, this is an oversimplification and I’m well aware that there are numerous jobs on the production side I’ve completely left out (somewhere, a key grip is crying), but hopefully this is helpful for a few of my fellow creative video compadres.

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