17 Apr

Short of the Week gets its own YouTube Show!

I’ve been writing for Short of the Week for over a year now—all in all its been an amazing experience that has allowed me to share my love of short film with the rest of the  world. So, I’m ticked pink to announce an exciting bit of news that will increase my creative involvement with the site.

Recently, Short of the Week established a partnership with PBS Digital Studios. Alone that would be super rad. But, here’s where things get interesting: they’ve commissioned us to create our very own bi-weekly web series for their network. What does that mean? Well, every two weeks I will be producing a show of curated short films on YouTube. Each episode will feature 3-5 shorts linked around a theme or trend in the world of innovative stories.

The first episode, Unconventional Zombie Films, features 4 great zombie flicks that re-envision the familiar genre in new, surprising ways. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get this and future episodes as they launch.

Got an idea for an episode? Share it with me below. The goal is to slowly increase the quality and quantity of this sort of content once I get my footing.

Watch out YouTube world—here I come!


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