The Re-Viewed Podcast

Several years ago as I was finishing up college, I started a video podcast with my sister Jennie—the ironically named “Worst Movie Ever” podcast. It was a really fun experience that not only taught me heaps about film criticism, but also allowed me to connect with a lot of awesome people. However, after about 72 episodes, we decided to call it quits. You know, life got in the way—work, family, other personal creative projects.

Since then, I’ve always had a hankering to start another podcast in some form or another. Well, it took a little while, but I’m finally back in the game with the Re-viewed podcast. Instead of focusing on new releases, the goal of this show is fill in the gaps of my cinematic education, revisiting and discussing classic movies or celebrated favorites to determine if they still hold up in a modern cinematic context. For this go around, I’ve brought along two video production friends of mine, Mike Mirandi and Dave Glanz, to fill out the hosting duties. Beyond being incredibly talented motion designers, these two guys are incredibly erudite speakers about the world of film. Plus, it helps that Dave’s seen every movie and Mike hasn’t seen nearly as many. Contrast makes for interesting conversations.

To goal is to produce this show bi-monthly (that’s twice a month, kiddos), allowing you viewers at home to watch these classic films right along with us. So, be sure to check us out. Subscribe via iTunes and like us on facebook. Let’s watch some good movies together.

Ivan Kander

Filmmaker and motion designer, Lucky 9 Studios

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