The following feature screenplays are currently available. Please contact me if you are interested in learning more.

Sunshower (Thriller, Sci-Fi)

Co-written with Ben Watts
Logline: A desperate woman submits herself to an experimental sleep study, but soon visions of her dead sister presage the dark purpose behind the experiment. Ex Machina meets The Butterfly Effect.

Sweet Life (Dramedy)

Logline: In a small Vermont town, three down-on-their luck friends attempt to steal $1.5 million worth of pure maple syrup from the Canadian maple syrup cartel
Accolades: Winner Tracking-B Screenplay Competition, Semi-Finalist Austin, Top 10% Nicholl Fellowship

Max’s Golem (Coming-of-Age Fantasy)

Logline: Tortured by bullies and struggling to overcome his parents recent divorce, a nerdy Jewish kid from the suburbs summons a mystical golem to turn the tables and fight back.
Accolades: “Second-Rounder” Austin, Top 10% Nicholl Fellowship

The Losing Kind (Thriller)

Co-written with Ben Watts
Logline: When Grace’s ex-con brother loses a local kingpin’s drugs, she must race against the clock to find a buried stash of cocaine off the Georgia coast, or otherwise, she and her brother will pay with their lives. A Southern-fried Fargo.
Accolades: Script Pipeline Finalist, Nicholl Fellowship Quarter Finalist, “Second-Rounder” Austin

Refire (Hour Long Drama Pilot)

Logline: After a hotshot chef suffers a mental breakdown and loses the stake in his restaurant, he attempts to start over in the Virginia countryside, recruiting a young, unknown cook to helm his new fine dining establishment.